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You know you need help but don't know where to begin. You are tired of living a life centered on drugs or alcohol. Drug rehab is the relief you need to get your life back together. Recovery Connection helps you get the solutions to problems you didn't think you could solve.

How Can Recovery Connection Help You?

Rehab Is the Solution

Are you worried about the drugs and alcohol—do you think it's too much? Are your relationships, health and finances strained? Stopping drugs and alcohol abruptly can put your life at risk. Detox and drug rehabs have medical staff who can treat you comfortably while eliminating any health risks.

Know the Benefits of Alcohol and Drug Rehab
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How to Get Into Drug Rehab

Call and we find you a top rated drug and alcohol rehab with a comfortable medical detox. We verify your maximum insurance benefit or negotiate a discounted self-pay rate.

Upon arrival, settle in, unpack and relax. Your Recovery Connection assessment is already there letting the medical staff know exactly what you need to feel comfortable.

Your complimentary clinical assessment matches you to the best rehab center. We help with travel arrangements to the drug and alcohol rehab waiting for your arrival.

Get healthy, detox your body and feel amazing! You just completed treatment and have an aftercare program ready for your return. Now you can start your new life without drugs and alcohol.


"The call center is filled with amazing and helpful, insightful staff. The fact that once you make the first call, they will check on the patient every few hours is a very important trait, especially when dealing with myself as an addict. Great job!"

-Paula E.
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