Substance Abuse and Addiction

Addiction is a complex, progressive disease that alters brain, body and organ function and the ability to think rationally.  After you have succumbed to alcohol or drug addiction, you will probably need some form of treatment to regain your emotional, intellectual, mental and physical health. Given the right skills and knowledge, a person can recover from active addiction and regain a sense of self-esteem, health, happiness and productivity.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction call Recovery Connection® confidentially at 800-993-3869. Our addiction coordinators are specially trained to help you find the right treatment to overcome substance addiction.

Substance Abuse Programs
Substance abuse and addiction treatment programs provide the addict with the foundation and the tools to overcome cravings, triggers and stressors of everyday living.

Treatment Center, Therapies and Modalities
Choosing a drug addiction and alcohol treatment center involves such factors as medical conditions, psychosocial evaluations and insurance coverage. All combine to determine where an addict can receive addiction treatment, the duration and type or setting.

A person who drinks alcohol compulsively, continually seeks alcohol and is unable to stop drinking despite negative consequences is an alcoholic.

Help for Alcoholism:

Drug Addiction
Drug addiction is a progressive disease. When the body builds a tolerance for a drug, abruptly stopping will bring on withdrawal symptoms. Drug addiction treatment involves drug detox, handling withdrawal symptoms and drug rehab to avoid relapse.

Help for Drug Addiction:

Cycle of Addiction
Addiction is defined as obsessive thinking and a compulsive need for drugs, alcohol, food, sex or nearly anything, despite negative consequences. A cycle of addiction develops over time and will continue until a successful intervention occurs and one enters alcohol or drug rehab.

Addiction Intervention
An addiction intervention is a meeting of significant relatives and/or friends who are important in the addict's life. Get help making an informed decision on which is appropriate for your family and how to get your loved one to commit to alcohol and drug rehab.

How to Prevent Drug Addiction
Here are five tools to avoid a life-threatening alcohol and drug addiction. After addiction has developed, treatment in an alcohol or drug rehab will be required.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention
Prevention of the development of alcohol or drug addiction can save you from a life of disappointment, ill health and the many other negative consequences that accompany addiction, including the cost of alcohol and drug rehab.

Substance Abuse Counselor
Licensed or certified substance abuse counselors must possess a bachelor's or master's degree and have experience in addiction and substance abuse treatment.

Looking For Treatment?
Recovery Connection® helpline can give you the referrals you need to get into treatment and reclaim your life. Call us confidentially at 800-993-3869 24/7. Our staff are specially trained to answer your addiction and treatment questions, as well as help facilitate the intake process.
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