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Substance Abuse and Addiction
Our substance abuse section explains numerous issues around alcoholism, drug addiction, interventions, addiction treatment, detox and more.

Relapse Prevention
Addiction is a progressive disease. Relapse and relapse prevention need to be defined and understood in the context of the disease. Our relapse prevention section contains information covering addiction relapse, living sober, drug court and more.

Drugs of Abuse
There are thousands of drugs on the market and on the street. We have provided information on the different classes of drugs and descriptions of the most commonly abused drugs including their signs and symptoms.

Specialty Addiction Treatment Programs
Quality addiction treatment programs will often have specialized treatment programs to address specific demographic needs. The most common programs are explained among these pages which include specialized treatment for women, Christians, GLBTQ and more.

Addiction and Health Issues
There are a number of serious health risks that are associated with drug and alcohol dependence. These pages describe some of the diseases and the link between illness and drug and alcohol abuse.

Addiction and Mental Health Disorders
Dual diagnosis is the co morbidity of an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol with a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety. This section provides information on different mental health disorders and their relationship to addiction.

Addiction Resources
For those seeking help for themselves or their loved ones the issues of substance abuse, other addictions, detox and treatment, recovery, and mental health disorders can be daunting. The section below can provide the answers to urgently asked questions.

Drug Rehabs and Addiction Treatment by State
Each state has its own struggle to deal with drug and alcohol addiction. Recovery Connection's state pages have been researched and created to provide you with significant information about local substance abuse issues, treatment facility statistics, and treatment information.

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Drug and Alcohol Information by State

Drug Rehabs by State


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