Relapse Prevention

A relapse prevention plan is the road map to a sober way of living, not just a state of being. Getting sober is only a small part of recovery. There is much personal growth that comes after years of being in sobriety. It is important for a recovering person to critically evaluate his/her entire life in order to develop a plan for long-term recovery. Alcohol and drug rehab is the first step of living sober. Following this, long-term changes and a relapse prevention plan  needs to be implemented in order to maintain sobriety.

Alcohol and Drug Relapse Prevention
There are steps that a person suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction can take to help ensure that he/she remains in recovery. This section covers relapse prevention measures as well as what to do if an alcohol or drug relapse occurs.

Alcohol and Drug Relapse
Using drugs and alcohol, even once, after entering recovery is considered to be a relapse. A return to drinking or drug use does not mean that recovery must end. It is important to regain sobriety as soon as possible.

Living Sober
It is said in the Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous programs that in order to gain sobriety, one must change people, places, and things. In addition, spirituality and different ways of thinking are critical to long-term recovery. You too can join those who are living sober.

Halfway Houses and Sober Living Homes
Oftentimes, completing a detoxification and inpatient program is not sufficient to establish a full, long-term recovery. An entirely new way of living must be learned. See how a halfway house or sober living home can make the difference between solid recovery and an unstable early recovery.

Drug  Court
Drug courts were established to help those with legal issues related to drug or alcohol addiction. Read how these courts were established and their purpose.

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Support Groups
Staying clean and sober following drug and alcohol addiction treatment requires focus, individual or group therapy, family therapy, and the creation of a strong recovery support network.

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