Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Recovery Articles

Drug and Alcohol addiction is at epidemic proportions in today’s society. The underlying causes behind the development of addiction are explored in this series of articles. Understanding the physiological and psychological mechanism driving addiction, the impact of addiction upon the addicted person, the family and those closely associated with the addict, can provide you with the information to take positive action.

Each article offers information about mood disorders, drug addiction, and alcoholism. These articles explore behavior, distorted thinking, and compulsions that control the choice to use despite negative consequences. Understanding the workings of addiction and the hold it has on a person’s mind and body, allows you to ask the right questions and seek appropriate help.  More articles will continue to be added. To begin learning more, read now.

Time to Get Help
Saving Your Career and Life While in Rehab...
August 27, 2013
You're living a double life. You go to work and have a family and friends. But the other side is darker. You drink or do drugs to get through your day. You even sneak in a buzz or high in the middle of your work day to get you past the grind.

Working Toward Rebuilding Trust
The Circle of Trust in Recovery
July 23, 2013
When you were in active addiction, all you thought about was the next buzz or high. Your career, financial obligations, health, relationships with family and friends didn't matter much any more.

Choose Hope Not Suicide
A Resource Guide to Suicide Prevention
July 11, 2013
Some people who are contemplating suicide may show signs. Others who know these signs can pick up on them and take action, potentially saving the life of the person in question.

Keep Going!
Resilience in Recovery
July 9, 2013
You have survived a lot of challenges and hardships in your life. You have endured addiction, abuse, trauma, mental illness or a combination of these and somehow you are still here. Many people aren't as fortunate to pull through.

Letting Go of Fear = Success in Recovery
Pitfall in Recovery: Fear
June 26, 2013
Fear has fueled your entire addiction. This basic emotion set the wheels of your active addiction into motion. Maybe you feared feeling the pain and anger from your past and you sought out that first buzz or high.

Support = Success in Recovery
5 Reasons to Have a Support System in Addiction...
June 4, 2013
When you were actively drinking or doing drugs, you probably found yourself using alone, withdrawing from your friends and family. If you did surround yourself with people, they were probably people who encouraged your drinking or drug use.

Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Affect your Recovery
Pitfall in Recovery: Negative Thoughts
May 22, 2013
You have made mistakes in the past; we all have. Some mistakes have impacted your life more than others, like choosing to drink and do drugs. However, when you decide to seek drug and alcohol rehab, you start a new path.

Learn More About Addiction
Types of Addictions
May 22, 2013
Addictions are often crippling. It is easy for an addiction to grow and eventually take over someone's entire life. As a friend or family member, it can be difficult to watch someone who is struggling with an addiction.

Get the Facts on Mental Health and Substance Abuse
National Prevention Week
May 14, 2013
Mental illness and substance abuse affect millions of people. According to the 2011 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 45.6 million adults had a mental illness.

Good or Bad?
Hightened Opinions
April 30, 2013
The debate about medical marijuana rages as more states consider legalizing it, and two states have now even legalized it for recreational use. Are the medical uses of marijuana legitimate? How far do they go?

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You're living a double life. You go to work and have a family and friends. But the other side is darker. You drink or do...


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