Drug Addiction Rehab, Detox and Treatment

Drug Addiction
Addictive Drugs

Drug addiction is a chronic, progressive disease of the body and mind. It is characterized by compulsive drug use, intense cravings, risky behaviors and poor interpersonal relationships. Relapse is common among drug addicts without proper drug addiction rehab.

  • Drug Addiction Treatment
    Drug addiction treatment encompasses the entire process from detoxification to rehab to aftercare relapse prevention.
  • Drug Detox Center
    Drug detox, the first step toward recovery, aims to safely eliminate all toxins from your body and prepare you for drug rehab.
  • Drug Rehab Programs
    A comprehensive drug rehab program is supervised by certified addiction physicians, psychiatrists, nurses and master's level therapists.  Rehab programs begin directly after detoxification.
  • Drug Addiction Self-Test
    Not sure about addiction? If you do not feel ready to speak openly with a doctor about your concerns, you may want to explore this simple series of questions about your drug use.
Looking For Treatment?
You can stop the pain and suffering that accompany addiction to drugs. Treatment is available and does work. Recovery Connection is dedicated to helping you help yourself. We can assist you in finding an appropriate drug detox and drug addiction treatment program and address all your needs. Call 800-993-3869 now and let one of our trained Coordinators answer your questions and fear. We can ease the path into recovery. But, you need to make the phone call, online chat or e-mail.
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