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Which Brother Will Win in Super Bowl XLVII?

super bowl family interaction

What’s Your Prediction?

It will be exciting to watch two coaches who are brothers (Jim and John Harbaugh) compete in the Super Bowl this Sunday. The Harbaugh family interaction of encouragement, support and love is one that many addicts wish they had. The disease of addiction likes to tear families apart, as seen with the Lindsey Lohan mother/daughter stories of drug rehab stints. This Sunday will be a very different celebrity family depiction.

The Harbaugh brothers’ teams played against each other during the 2011 season. Their father, Jack, said that he determined who needed him the most after the game by looking into each locker room. He spent time with Jim, the son who lost. Finding that balance of sharing in victory and defeat is not always easy. I often think that this struggle must be what is like for many celebrity parents who have children who are addicts. For example, Cissy Houston shared many memorable victories with her daughter, Whitney, in her career but also had to share the defeat of drug addiction.

Which brother will win the Super Bowl is fun to try to predict. For me, it will be more interesting to see how the family will deal with this victory and loss on camera. I am encouraged to witness healthy family interaction in a society saturated with the disease of addiction. Jack Harbaugh told the Denver Post: “That feel of victory and agony of defeat…. We know we are going to experience that next week.”

Who are you rooting for: 49ers or Ravens? Tell use your prediction below or on our Facebook page. Let’s see what social media stats produce!

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