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The Vicious Cycle of Alcohol Abuse, Infertility and Mental Illness

Alcohol Consumption and Women

Think Twice About That Glass of Wine.

Drinking alcohol can cause women to suffer many devastating consequences. Danish researchers recently showed that alcohol consumption can cause infertility in women. There was a greater risk of being hospitalized for alcoholism among women who were not able to conceive. Even worse, these women have a higher risk of being hospitalized for schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. Other recent studies about alcohol during pregnancy have produced conflicting results—some say moderate drinking is safe, others say it is not. Regardless, all these studies about alcohol should give pause to women who are considering pregnancy.

For most women, having a child is a desired, life-changing experience. However, alcohol consumption can rob you of your chance to be a mother. Infertility may cause women to abuse alcohol even more, which in turn can land them in the hospital and/or an alcohol treatment center. According to this study, childless women run a greater risk of requiring treatment from an alcohol rehab center compared to women who are able to get pregnant. This vicious cycle does not stop here. These women also have a 47 percent greater risk of being hospitalized for mental illness. The odds are most certainly against these women.

Not being able to have a child can be a difficult situation to handle and may make you feel alone. Recovery Connection connects you to alcohol treatment centers with a caring and empathetic staff that can help you get through this tough time. Join us on Facebook and share your thoughts with other women who have walked in your shoes. Walk away from the pain of alcohol abuse together and walk toward healing.


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