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Is Spring Break Really Fun in the Sun?

spring break drinking

Are You Planning on Staying Sober?

Spring break means time off from school, studying and time to blow off some overdue steam.  Over the years, spring break has become a tradition synonymous with alcohol, sex and the beach. A few years ago, Girls Gone Wild brought spring break debauchery to a new level, preserving spring break behavior on video for the whole world to see. Parents looked on with horror as their kids made poor decisions under the influence of alcohol. What many students don’t realize is that this destructive pattern of drinking may be a precursor for developing other addictions.

Once the week of drunkenness wears off, the regret sets in and you try to remember everything that happened. You feel OK for the most part, but there might be times you cannot remember. In this day and age, YouTube might be there to remind you and the rest of the world what you did.

Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, which can lead to some questionable decisions. Promiscuity is often the number one regrettable behavior for both men and women over spring break. The repercussions include STDs and pregnancy scares, just to name two, each of which can derail a college life completely.  For some people, spring break drinking can start a habit they can’t stop, and may lead to even more permanent consequences from this week of fun in the sun.

Will you have a sober spring break?   Share your comments with us below or on our Facebook page.

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