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Drug Rehab Programs

Drug Rehab Counseling Session

Drug Rehab Counseling Session

The best drug rehab programs are accredited facilities that provide 24/7 medical supervision by doctors, psychiatrists and licensed therapists specifically trained in addiction treatment. Treatment at a drug rehabilitation program always follows medical detoxification.

What Are Drug Rehab Centers?

Drug rehab centers combine detox and rehab programs in one facility. Before any drug treatment program can start, a person must successfully complete the drug detox program. These programs are designed to treat drug withdrawal symptoms while ridding the body of chemical toxins. Medically supervised inpatient detox facilities provide the best treatment for a patient because they offer constant observation and regular evaluations. After detox is completed, a patient can transition directly into a drug rehabilitation program.

Each drug rehab center is unique because there is no “right way” to treat drug addiction. Rehab centers provide detox and a variety of therapies for addiction treatment. Individualized treatment programs are developed to ensure that a patient’s needs are regularly being addressed through frequent re-evaluation .

Accredited drug rehab centers understand how to work with insurance companies to ensure that a patient gets the best care for his or her coverage. Rehabilitation generally lasts between 30 and 60 days, but it can last longer depending upon the patient’s needs. At Recovery Connection, our addiction specialists understand that not everyone can afford to pay for a drug rehab program. We aim to find a treatment center that fits your needs as well as your budget. Call us now 800-993-3869.

Choosing the Best Drug Rehab Programs

The best drug rehab programs provide patients with 24-hour medical, psychiatric and clinical care. After detox has been completed, rehab programs should begin. A quick transition from detox into early addiction treatment provides the patient with the highest chance of a successful treatment episode. The longer the time between detox and the start of drug rehab, the less likely the drug addict or alcoholic is to enter a rehab program. It is important to choose detox in facilities that also offer drug rehab programs. This reduces the stress of locating a rehab program and coordinating the transfer into another facility and decreases the chance of drug relapse.

Quality drug rehab programs offer individualized clinical supervision, ongoing evaluations and regularly updated personalized treatment plans. If a patient has a psychological or psychiatric crisis at any point in the rehab process, the patient and the family do not have to wait for it to be addressed.

Consider these factors when choosing a drug rehab center:

  • Medical staff certified in addiction medicine
  • 24/7 on-site medical team
  • Interdisciplinary medical and clinical team
  • Certified addiction psychiatrist
  • Credible dual-diagnosis program
  • Medication management classes
  • Supplemental education such as life skills, nutrition and exercise
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Recreation, art and/or music therapy

The best drug rehab programs offer specialty treatment programs. These include LGBT treatment programs, Christian-based rehab and special programs for women.  Only the best rehabs have fully developed tracks based on the most effective treatment practices that address the specific needs of these particular demographics.

Drug addiction controls your whole life and getting sober takes an enormous amount of energy and commitment. The end result of this investment in recovery is getting your life back. Drug addicts have to come to terms with many challenging issues to develop a strong foundation for recovery, emotional stability and maturity. Getting clean and sober requires complete personal honesty.

Questions to ask yourself about your addiction:

  • Can you get clean and sober while you live at home?
  • Can you get clean and sober if you must pass your old liquor store or the place where you regularly used drugs?
  • Can you handle cravings on your own?

The answers to these questions, based upon current research, are probably “no.” However, if you seek your recovery in a drug rehabilitation center away from home, you increase your chances of maintaining sobriety.

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