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Bath Salt Addiction

bath salt addiction

Active Ingredient Mephedrone can Cause a Bath Salt Addiction

 People will do almost anything to get a fix. Bath salts seem to be another fad to get high legally. Bath salts contain mephedrone which is a similar ingredient that is found in methamphetamine. It produces a stimulant effect when ingested. These packs of bath salts say ‘not for human consumption,’ however it seems that humans are ingesting them despite the warning label.

Experts report that bath salts produce properties of drugs that induce hallucinations, delusions, extreme agitation, super human strength, hostility and hyperactivity. Emergency rooms are reporting toxic psychotic effects of those who have been admitted with bath salt intoxication. It is reported that these people cut themselves with knives or barricaded themselves in rooms stating that they are waiting to kill unseen monsters.

These are terrible experiences and don’t seem very enticing, however addiction is not concerned about the aftermath of drug use. The effects could be permanent as there is not enough research to give the community a better perspective of this drug. I choose not to volunteer for bath salt research.

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