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5 Warning Signs of a Relapse

5 relapse warning signs

Don’t Be Caught off Guard by a Relapse

When you first got into treatment, the thought of never touching alcohol and drugs again was daunting. However, as the days went on, you progressed and before you knew it you were out in the “real world.” Life outside the safe haven of rehab might have seemed overwhelming again, but you went to meetings, met with your therapists, followed your aftercare treatment plan and worked on your recovery. But even when things seem to be going right, a relapse happens.

Trouble on the Horizon

Relapsing might take you by surprise, but the warning signs are clear and present. Avoid a relapse by learning the signs of when your recovery is in danger.

5 relapse warning signs:

  1. Thinking about the “good old days” when you used
  2. Behaving selfish or self-centered
  3. Isolating and withdrawing from your support system
  4. Skipping meetings or sessions or not taking treatment or meetings seriously
  5. Emotions change drastically and unexpectedly

Identifying these signs and taking the right steps to address the issue can get you back on track for your recovery.

Playing It Safe

When you are in a good place in your recovery, it’s understandable to be confident. It’s great to be confident and realize that recovery isn’t impossible. However, it’s just as important to keep yourself in check. Rely on your support system to let you know if you are veering off course and heading for an addiction relapse. Follow your aftercare plan, attend meetings and surround yourself with people who care about your recovery. Those are essential, even if you are doing well.

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