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10 Reasons People Abuse Drugs

The reasons why people use drugs are unlimited. Here is a top ten list of why people abuse drugs.

1. Some drugs are legal

Alcohol and nicotine are not only both legal drugs but they are the most commonly abused drugs.

2. They get a Prescription for drugs

There is a huge misconception that just because a doctor prescribed drugs they are safe. Prescription drugs are every bit as dangerous and addictive as street drugs like cocaine and heroin.

3.Going against the grain

Young adults and teenagers often start to abuse drugs because they are not sure where they fit in. Rebelling by abusing drugs and alcohol is not uncommon among young adults. What can start off as “fun” and “recreational” can quickly turn into an uncontrollable addiction.

4. Feelings of emptiness

Addiction often starts when an individual feels lonely. They turn to drugs and alcohol thinking that it will fill a void that they have been living with.

5. Peer Pressure

Teenagers and adults can succumb to peer pressure. The pressure of being around others who are abusing drugs or alcohol can make anyone follow suit and do things that they never thought they would.

6.Drugs and alcohol can make you feel good

People commonly fall into addiction because they begin using drugs to mask particular emotions that they are going through. The abuse makes them feel good and forget about the problem at hand. Eventually they think they can’t live without drugs.

7. Drugs and alcohol are more available than ever

Prescription drugs, street drugs and alcohol are more available than ever. Prescription drugs can be obtained on the streets, through doctors and even online. Where there is a will there is a way.

8. Alcohol isn’t enough

Often times addiction starts with alcohol but when the effects of alcohol are not what they used to be the addict turns to harder and stronger drugs.

9.       Experimenting

It is not uncommon for addiction to stem from a person being curious and experimenting with drugs. It is a scenario that often starts with alcohol or marijuana but ends up with cocaine, prescription medication or even crystal meth and heroin.

10.   Self Medicating

People from all different backgrounds use alcohol to unwind at the end of the day or prescription drugs to help them cope with stress of everyday life. Patterns like this can quickly turn into addiction.

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