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Arkansas Drug Addiction and Treatment Information

It should be noted that these pages are not intended as an academic reference. The data collected is from State and Federal sources.

Arkansas Addiction Treatment Statistics

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations last published report on drug and alcoholism admissions for treatment in Arkansas was 2008. During that year, 28,589 people entered treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, 67.8% were male and 32.2 % were female.

Arkansas drug addiction statisticsAlcohol & Drug Addiction Rehab Admission Statistics for Arkansas in 2009

In 2006, the number of addiction treatment facilities dropped from 59 to 50. There are only 2 treatment facilities that are authorized to handle opiate addiction and treatment. In a one-day snap shot of treatment, in 2006, the survey found that 74% of all those in treatment were under the age of 18.

Arkansas ranked among the states with the highest rates of use for non-medical use of prescription drugs for age groups 12-17 and 18-25 in 2006. This coincides with a decrease in alcohol dependence which remains below the national average, but exceeds the national average for dependence upon illicit drugs in 2006. In 2004-2005 and then again in 2005-2006, unmet treatment needs for adolescents were among the highest in the country.


Alcohol Addiction in Arkansas

Arkansas ranked 42nd in the nation for alcohol consumption for those 18 years and older. In 2009, a report in the Department of Health and Human Resources found that the number of alcohol only admissions increased 134% between 2001 and 2009.

In 2009, alcohol admissions twice out ranked admissions for marijuana, three times for opiates, and almost four times the number for methamphetamine. Binge drinking among 55 to 64 year olds increased by the largest percentage at 46% compared to 35 to 44 year olds at 7%.

Commonly Abused Drugs in Arkansas

While admissions for alcohol as the primary addiction has decreased, numbers of admissions for those suffering from marijuana, methamphetamines and opiate addiction has substantially increased. There has also been a steady increase in admissions for more than one substance of abuse.

The latest data from 2010 indicates that admissions for marijuana dependence was the most commonly abused drug followed by stimulants, which includes methamphetamine.

marijuana addiction withdrawal
In 2008, 5,604 people entered treatment for marijuana as their primary substance of abuse. 76.4% were male and 23.5% were female, with 12-17 year olds being 19.9% of the people going to treatment.
meth addiction withdrawal
Amphetamine abuse is a growing problem in Arkansas. In 2008, 4,334 individuals were admitted to drug rehab for treatment of amphetamine amphetamine addiction. This figure does not include the growing numbers of individuals who are succumbing to methamphetamine addiction. In 2009, 10% of all treatment cases were for methamphetamine abuse.
Arkansas prescription drug addiction
Other Opiates
The inappropriate use of prescription drugs, whether they are medically prescribed or used for non-medical purposes, is now a national epidemic. There is not a single state that is not experiencing this alarming trend. In 2008, 2,891 people were admitted to treatment for opiate abuse other than heroin. There was a 250% increase for opioid abuse between 2005 and 2009 with 2,698 people admitted to treatment for opiate abuse other than heroin.
cocaine addiction withdrawal
Cocaine abuse in Arkansas is below the national average but it is high among people ages 18-25 according to a 2007 government report.
heroin addiction withdrawal
There were a reported 104 admissions for heroin addiction in 2008 while 53.8% were male and 46.2% were female.


Arkansas Drug and Alcohol Fatalities, Injuries and Drug Court Statistics

Arkansas Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources

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