Addicted to Alcohol

Alcoholism is a medical disease with a specific set of diagnostic criteria. Research has demonstrated that cravings, loss of control and physical dependence and/or tolerance accompany the disorder. The intensity of the cravings and the physical dependence can reduce a person to simply attending to the symptoms of addiction, to the exclusion of everything else in  life.

Alcoholism has no cure. However, the disease can be halted with comprehensive treatment by a multidisciplinary team and based upon the disease model of addiction. This will allow the alcohol-dependent person and his or her family to return to an optimal level of functioning. A long-term recovery plan should include12-step programs.

If you or someone you know struggles with alcoholism, help is available now. Recovery Connection provides you a personal link to alcohol addiction treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-993-3869. Call now and speak to a trained coordinator.
  • Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal
    Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can be eased when alcohol detox occurs in a medically supervised detox facility. When left untreated, alcohol withdrawal syndrome can be life threatening.

  • Alcohol Rehab Centers
    Detoxification alone is not sufficient treatment for the alcoholic. A facility that applies best practices in their treatment model can address the medical, psychiatric, behavioral and emotional aspects of the disease that may prevent a return to drinking.

  • Are You an Alcoholic? - Alcoholism Test
    Alcoholic tests can be self-administered or they can be given by a trained medical professional (a physician or psychiatrist). Regardless of whether a person is abusing alcohol or is alcohol dependent, intensive alcohol addiction treatment is necessary.


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